(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)Fumigation must be done extra careful. Starting from planning, finance to implementation. Shipment of fumigant materials should also be carried out with procedures that must be applied by road rules or by fumigant manufacturers. While the implementation must follow K3. Here, although there is absolutely no guarantee of security, the proper implementation of… Read More FUMIGATION AND DOCUMENTATION

Propose Association Liabilities Allocate 20 Percent of Workforce Certified

(Bahasa Indonesia) TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA-The chairman of the association proposes that the government require all hygiene and laundry services company to allocate 10-20% of workers certified in every business. This was done to ensure the quality of work that is competent to face the competition of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). They are the Chairman of… Read More Propose Association Liabilities Allocate 20 Percent of Workforce Certified

Use of Digital Certificates

(Bahasa Indonesia) Digital certificates enable us to build trust when doing business or transaction process online. We can provide a Digital Certificate electronically to prove identity or right to access information or services online. Digital certificate, has a pair of electronic keys that can be used to encrypt and mark digital information. Digital certificates allow… Read More Use of Digital Certificates