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(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia) Pest control, termite control and fumigation are the control of veterinary animals by spraying fumigant or pesticide into an enclosed or airtight room, for a certain time and dose in order to provide a product, room or other material for such items more guaranteed. Implementation should be done continuously, given this pest… Read More Fumigation? Contact us…


(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)Fumigation must be done extra careful. Starting from planning, finance to implementation. Shipment of fumigant materials should also be carried out with procedures that must be applied by road rules or by fumigant manufacturers. While the implementation must follow K3. Here, although there is absolutely no guarantee of security, the proper implementation of… Read More FUMIGATION AND DOCUMENTATION

Pest control truck – 2017

(Bahasa Indonesia) For most people, a pest control still sounded strange and unknown means. It is often associated with pest control spraying, fumigation, eradication of dengue, anti termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats. In the income tax regulation Article 23 KEP-170 / PJ / 2002, the term used is a pest control business while pest control… Read More Pest control truck – 2017

Care of Seed warehouse – 2016

(Bahasa Indonesia) Care seed warehouse is a central principle in the treatment of commodities in the seed plant. Things priority is the cleanliness of the barn, and then monitoring the implementation of commodities and warehouse maintenance and pest control activities such as fumigation in case of pest infestation. Preparation Corn seed storage is done with… Read More Care of Seed warehouse – 2016