(dalam Bahasa Indonesia) It’s been long not to post our blog, due to busy admin in marketing. On the sidelines of time and see the development of pest control business is getting tighter. Many pest control companies are increasingly competitive, with prices increasingly suppressed, more modern equipment and reliable human resources.

Tribhakti Inspektama Semarang, in principle not only mingle with fumigation work only. Lots of work done by our company. Begin pest control in flour transport trucks, pest control, containers, buildings and archives.
Fumigation can not be separated from pest control nor termite control. In principle, pest control is the control of pests that interfere with the production or activity of a company or government or private agency.

If the fumigation application is applied without any other pest control, then fumigation will be useless, since the fumigation principle is applied in an airtight room, while the termite or pest control is performed almost everywhere, both indoor and outdoor.

Fumigation is very efficient if followed by the treatment of termite control and pest control, because pests outside the early as possible can be prevented from entering. The large number of undetected pests, making both corporate and personal customers often ask about the quality of a fumigation treatment. With the termite treatment and pest control the customer’s worries will be missed.
Implementation of termite control on buildings can be done in two ways, namely pre-construction (before construction) and post-construction (after built). The duration of pest back assurance depends on the applied application and the drugs used. Usually thermite control companies provide guarantees between 3-5 years, but due to the tropical climate in Indonesia, it is feared pests will attack back in year 3, so job security is only around 3 years. The more seep the drug is put into the soil, the longer the pest will return. Lots of pests, especially in housing or household level ranges, such as termites that often attack, so it is necessary to treat termite control at the household level. But often we are constrained about the budget issues provided by household customers, which termite control is only underestimated. Marketing as the spearhead of an anti-termite company, as well as a customer search is also a motivator for household customers, who are required to change the stigma that pest control is only necessary for the upper class only.

The cost of building a house, should involve a pest control budget, because the construction of a house for the future is also feared will be attacked by termites, how sturdy the building is, of course not only used for one or two years, but will be permanently inhabited, anti- should be noted.

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