(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)Fumigation must be done extra careful. Starting from planning, finance to implementation. Shipment of fumigant materials should also be carried out with procedures that must be applied by road rules or by fumigant manufacturers. While the implementation must follow K3. Here, although there is absolutely no guarantee of security, the proper implementation of fumigation should always be accompanied by documentation (Tatang Deddy Kurniawan, Limited Pesticide Use Training, Tarubudaya, 4-5 August 2017).
Law No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions (the “ITE Act”) provides the legal basis for the legal force of electronic evidence and the formal terms and material of electronic evidence to be accepted.
What is Electronic Proof Tool? Electronic Proof Instrument is Electronic Information and / or Electronic Document that fulfill formal requirements and material requirements set forth in the ITE Law. Article 5 paragraph (1) of the ITE Law provides that Electronic Echkronic Information and / or Electronic Documents and / or prints are legal legal evidence.
What is meant by Electronic Information is one or a set of electronic data, including but not limited to writing, sound, images, maps, design, photographs, electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic mail, telegram, telex, telecopy or the like , Letters, marks, numbers, Access Codes, symbols or perforations that have been processed which have meaning or can be understood by those who are able to understand them. (Article 1 point 1 of the ITE Law)
Whereas the Electronic Document is any Electronic Information created, transmitted, transmitted, received, or stored in analog, digital, electromagnetic, optical, or the like, which may be viewed, displayed and / or heard through a Computer or Electronic System, Including but not limited to writing, sound, images, maps, designs, photographs or the like, letters, signs, numbers, access codes, symbols or perforations that have meaning or meaning or are understandable to those who are able to understand them. (Article 1 point 4 of the ITE Law)

In principle Electronic Information can be distinguished but can not be separated by Electronic Document. Electronic Information is data or data set in various forms, while Electronic Document is container or ‘wrap’ from Electronic Information. For example if we talk about music files in the form of mp3 then all the information or music that comes out of the file is Electronic Information, while the Electronic Document of the file is mp3. (In : http://www.hukumonline.com/…/section-and-power-prostitution-…)
This documentation as evidence that the implementation is in accordance with the procedure, if there is documentation, at least can be done first aid to the officer if something is not desired.

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