Marketing Strategies,


[1] Determination of the Market
Meaning of “market” is so broad that employers in this part of marketing management must decide, choose the appropriate in certain parts, which the market that will be served, it must be done so that the marketing focus. marketing segmentation! in a marketing strategy it is the beginning of all the efforts, and it needs to get serious attention. marketing segmentation is an attempt classifying or grouping the market to facilitate how will the market be treated, because of course the capital will be limited, as much as possible the funds are used as effectively as possible, it would be ineffective if the approach to all of society as a whole the same time, resources and energy the enormous costs of course, also lost time can be quite long, despite being supported by online media, because not all existing market using online services as its behavior. This market segmentation is the beginning of a marketing strategy so that a product or service will bener true in settings such that the market desires.
The market is segmented by right in the beginning of the business will make money at the beginning of efforts to be effective, it is certainly very useful for businessmen or marketing management who have the capital that is minimalist, with segmentation that is not missed, targeted according to destination, will greatly benefit businesses primarily for the turnover of high sales figures, there is such a quick response from the market, from the promotion of short not linger long it will spawn high sales, probably because of the advertising campaign approach right target, which does require that product.
We can imagine, what if if the Marketing Management of BMW cars meensponsori contest among elementary school choir, certainly do not want notarized little -if not ada- a result, the marketing strategy marketing team will be more effective if the target market is adjustable, say marketing team BMW to sponsor touring car event, or golf competitions. This will be much better,

[2] Product Planning
Before building a product that is readily excreted in the market, marketing management should need to plan products that have been tailored to its target audience, such as the determination of the amount of volume products, advertising, also characters in the ad. try to note, why detergents many mini-sized volume, not just large? or see why shampoo Clear model handsome young man? why not use a veteran artist who was famous? Why sauce bottle uses a simple yet powerful?
All of the above questions would have been through the planning, things other details need to be planned, even if you know, Mie Sedap which will compete with noodles fame before wide Indomie and Sarimi conduct market research for at least two years before the product is released kepasaran and cost that is not a little. and we could see together, in the span of time that is not too long, Sedap successfully pushed Mie Mie Mie disrupt the dominance previously. It seems clear that the marketing strategy is not always about the products that are ready to be released kepasaran, but can also in the planning process.

[3] Management Price
Price management is a strategic effort, the most strategic in the start of competition, be preceded by a very mature calculations internally the company was comparable to the competitors. This price management starts in a simple way, the current price promotions, the retail price, the price of resellers or agents and others. more recently, the development of marketing strategies in the management of the price can be so wide, because “the market” today contribute to pricing, input into the market, especially when the market responded low specific products with a level of creativity wrong price, the market response over rumussan price of the competitor.
Can we see a real example, Wing Food is always interesting in determining the price-based market segments, for example, Buy 3 get 1 free Sedap Mie Mie, free coffee Buy 3 packs 1 pack. try to notice, this could benefit two parties, the buyer is also the seller, if purchased only 1 packet only, then the bonus will become the property of the seller, which can be used as money when it was sold again.

[4] Distribution
Distribution is part of the marketing strategy for an efficient and effective factors could make the energy drained. there are three parties will be satisfied, Producers, agents or resellers and consumers. Distribution is a service that the impact can be felt by all parties that there is because it uses chaining chain path.
We can see the advantages of the product Scholastic books, Scholastic is also marketing a book distributor, in addition to the book manufacturer also, once the owner of a bookstore in different cities, this inline and integrative.

[5] Communication and Promotion
Communication lines duly prepared properly because this line will be the beginning of a meeting or the start of a relationship in the form of information. communication includes penerepan pmasaran approach, system publlikasi penjaualan promotion, hubngan with relationships, direct penjaualan, which supports the establishment media. kominikasi exact cause good perception in the market. try to look at the existing cheese ads on television, there is described only with a piece of cheese, a child can grow smarter and smarter, now try to imagine, is it true that a child will be more intelligent than just taking a piece of cheese? Well, that’s the marketing strategy, everything must be creative and communicative


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