Fumigation and Information Technology

(Bahasa Indonesia) Competition fumigation with a competitive advantage is the decisive factor in improving performance in PT TRIBHAKTI INSPEKTAMA SEMARANG (PT. TRITAMA). PT. TRITAMA utilize information network better and be one alternative way to easily and quickly obtain information about potential future fumigation. This prompted the company to optimize the utilization of human resources through… Read More Fumigation and Information Technology

Fumigasi Forward, How?

(Dalam Bahasan Indonesia) Anticipating the increasing number of pests, PT TRIBHAKTI Inspektama Semarang (PT TRITAMA) remain alert fumigation officer during Lebaran. Director of PT TRITAMA (Yudhi Wahyudi) said, as many as 20 officers fumigation in some flour mills large alerted, or will not be closed. Because, already 1 year old flour mill is already operating… Read More Fumigasi Forward, How?

Total Fumigation in Cilegon – 2015

(Dalam Bahasan Indonesia) Ramadan is a month full of glory nearly ended, marked by the presence of eid Al-Fitr, a day of triumph. And slowly will pass, leaving a lot of memories, experiences once lesson. Among them is about the preparations made before the fumigation total in Cilegon in 2015. Edi example. Men from Salatiga… Read More Total Fumigation in Cilegon – 2015

Total fumigation in Semarang, 2015

(Dalam Bahasan Indonesia)┬áLebaran or Idul Fitri is almost the same with family gatherings, especially the workers who daily busy with work. During Eid feels always eagerly awaited as a venue for gatherings with people nearby to stay in touch. However, the chance gathered at this moment is not felt by the employees of PT Tribhakti… Read More Total fumigation in Semarang, 2015