(Bahasa Indonesia) RI’s 70th Anniversary took place lively, in our area held as vibrant as possible and complete the various competitions. To enliven the Independence day, a group of children in each RT hold the race eat crackers, insert a pencil into the bottle and do not forget the mothers do not want to miss at night.

IMG_20150815_191559Participants of mothers enlivened at night
While the race was held RW healthy way with a variety of doorprice from the most expensive to the cheapest. Participants are required to walk with family approximately 5 km from and to RT 05 RW 05, Village Sidomulyo, Semarang regency East.

IMG_20150816_090905Director of PT. Tribhakti Inspektama Semarang (Mr. Yudhi Wahyudi), contributing songs

IMG_20150816_072022 IMG_20150816_064209 IMG_20150816_070806Participants of the residents, poured into the streets enliven the 17‘s.
Besides fighting over a wide range of door price, also the grand prize is a mountain bike, an LCD TV and a gas stove. The enthusiasm of the citizens when welcoming anniversary of his own people could certainly not inevitable anymore. In the previous year, in the current era, when the warning August 17 in nearly all social networking is not quiet with many birthday greetings to Indonesian independence. No wonder with today’s technology there is, of course, the people of Indonesia also expressed his enthusiasm towards Indonesia one of them congratulated on various social media.
Words and words that are often asked by citizens of Indonesia are almost always accompanied by some hopes someone to Indonesia itself. Hopefully, when someone convey little sense of concern for Indonesia although only through congratulatory course, it can be done with a vengeance.
Hopefully with this warning could be our motivation in the future independence that Indonesia is more advanced, prosperous and independent.

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