Fumigation Depo Archives GOR and Brangsong at the Archives and Library District of Kendal 2017

(dalam BAHASA INDONESIA) Filing plays an important role in the course of an organization. Given the importance of an archive, a legislation is required to keep archive management activities in order. In an organization, filing field is one element of secretarial or administrative. Administration of archives includes activities in an arrangement, whether of collection, grouping, storage or rediscovery, depreciation or destruction of records.

Kendal District Filing and Library Service has the main function and duty to assist Bupati undertaking the preparation and implementation of policies in the field of libraries and archives. With this function, the archive body is responsible for managing and preserving the static archives located in the scope of Kendal Regency. In order to be responsible for the management of static archives can be done as efficiently and effectively as possible, it is necessary to apply a management in the management, that is static archive management.

Sealing Sealing is closing cracks and holes in order to ensure there are no leaks, that are expected to be exposed to the drug released evenly and not out of a target of fumigation. Sealing in another sense is covering the windows, doors, holes or cracks the walls, even the walls were made of wood, so that the fumigant is not out.

Installations (electric, hoses distribution, distribution pipes, hoses monitoring, fan, placement of pest control) After sealing has been completed, the next is the placement of the individual fan 1 fan tornado fruit in pairs at two depots. This is due to flatten the fumigant concentrations in the room, the result will be monitored. Our work is done quickly because our target is to install the distribution hoses and electrical installations

Installation of alarm Installation of alarm is done so that no employee or person who entered the area fumigation. This is done to anticipate the dangers which the SO2F 2 is a fumigant that is very dangerous for humans.

Gassing When gassing carried out, using a mask equipped with canister to or Self Contain Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Gas measurement hoses. Ensuring gas measurement hose is mounted on a room that would be fumigated before the fumigation, and at the end of the hose is placed in a safe room of fumigation; gas leak detection is done using Riken Leak Detector.

Aeration Aeration is done by sealing the opening of the rooms were fumigated, opened after the quarantine period is completed. Sealing the opening is opened slowly in order to occur circulation of oxygen to the rest of the gas to be released into the air.

Cleaning After the fumigation process is done is to open the seal-seal shutters, doors, holes in pipes and others. Besides cleaning also includes duct tape still attached archive shelves, doors or windows to look like the original. Cover unused sheet, folded in such a way that is easy for disposal.

Termite control Termite Control is a termite control service jobs whose presence could damage the timber and furniture are mainly made from wood or materials containing cellulose. Termite control is useful as inventasi to protect assets such as home / building and its furnishings so that   has a value in use longer. Ranging from simple building up multi-storey building is not out of danger termites. After the fumigation treatment which requires in a gas-tight room, meals are treated with thermite control performed outdoors. This is done so that the room that has been fumigated contaminated by pests outdoors.

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