Hard work and happiness

(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia) We often hear the advice: “Work hard, then you will achieve success, then you will get happiness.” Then came a lot of questions. True success spawned happiness? Is the measure of success? Is not every success will be followed by hard work again? Then when that happiness can be achieved and enjoyed? If it had not been successful are never happy?

In fact so many instances when someone on top of his career (if indeed that is an indicator of success) instead seek false pleasure, depression, until finally committing suicide. Then where is the real happiness? Is it true that happiness is the ultimate goal we should pursue, and we are looking for? Up to do and sacrificed everything for the success of the “he” will give you happiness.

Happiness itself is a remarkable thing. If we look for a book on happiness will find thousands of books each year to discuss the issue. More than 30 years scientists search everything about happiness. Even the United Nations set the date of March 20 is a day of happiness worldwide (World Happiness Day). Google analytics also proved that the “how to be happy” is one of the most sought-after worldwide.

Today more and more people financially richer, more educated, and life expectancy is increasing. But if wealth, education, and technology is the answer to happiness? In fact, if we refer to one of the richest, most powerful, and has the high technology, namely the United States, it turns out rates of depression there is increasing from year to year and is not the happiest country according to the “World Happiness Report” (ranked 17th). Therefore, the principle of which many hold that hard work will result in success and then generate happiness is now indisputable. Happiness that enables people to work hard to achieve success. Scientists have proved that the best capabilities of man will arise when she is happy.

Research shows that people who feel happy, positive thinking and optimistic tend to get a better income, has the goal of higher life, has a stress level lower, to remain calm in situations that are filled with pressure, more powerful, faster recovery when sick and more longevity. A feeling of happiness was able to repair everything. With a feeling of happiness, the body will not be tired, as well as concentration and focus we will rise.

Many studies show that the development of human resources (humans evolved) can only occur when the environment or organization is happiness setting organization. Every man can develop their talents and interests to explore the field of science or a particular skill on the environmental conditions conducive or happy. Environmental or organization must provide the facilities, opportunities, challenges, and (praise) reward enough. When man has reached the world of work, the non-financial rewards earlier plus another financial reward in order to meet the financing needs and aspirations of life.

Thus it was clear, that the happiness of human beings are able to develop and encourage people to work hard to achieve success. So do not be surprised if we saw so many amenities provided in a large company or a team of world football’s employees or its players, the ultimate goal is to maximize their human resources. Realizing happy environment is not just the task of the UN chief, the leader of Indonesia (president), regional leaders (governors, regents, mayors, and others), a company leader or the leader of the family (parents). They all indeed obliged to provide facilities, opportunities, challenges, praise, and rules in accordance with the people they lead, forming a happy environment that maximizes human resources. But it turns out we all contribute to creating a happy environment. And what creates happiness is a difficult thing? So far, we are always surrounded by a variety of news and negative news, it is increasingly difficult for us to be human beings who are happy, optimistic and positive thinking. Happiness seems to be a rare and expensive items as well as increasingly synonymous with a lot of money, have fun, using certain objects, and more. Directly or indirectly, we have created an atmosphere that is not happy to make us and the next generation is difficult to develop and work hard. So now the choice is on us to make changes to become a better human being. Creating a happy atmosphere was already so the ability of humans from birth. A baby boy instantly make people happy and she looked very easy to be happy just to play the surrounding objects. Means happiness is actually very simple yet complex has a positive effect. Make a habit we all give smiles, greetings and greetings. Use the three magic words that by saying “please” when in need of help, “thank you” when it has aided, and “sorry” when wronged anyone. Carry out our obligations as well as possible and respect the rights of every person. Begin to look at things positively and always take lessons. Behind all the bad news, there is good news that is always covered. We are accustomed suspect, discuss and disseminate negative news. As if this country lost a role model. In fact, so many positive things that can be raised, discussed and applied. News youngsters falling prey to drugs, prostitution, fights and murders cover attainment of young people today are getting creative, achievement, modest in dress, following its worship, and independent and create their own jobs. News of adults who engage in corruption and illegal acts have covered those who excel and struggle around us and corners to create this country for the better. News and negative information is not entirely bad. We did have to give punishment to lawbreakers. So many negative things were reported reminds us that there is still much we can do to our beloved country and challenged us to make this a better country. The problem is when every moment is always in the negative content again and again, we made a negative into a popular and common. We do not give an example to ourselves and generations after us the good, the good people, and how to do good. As the number of children in school are popular with all its ugliness, and the children excel in school as a child in conotation strange and geek. Finally, happiness and sought popularity by doing some bad things resulting in false happiness, not by achievement, positive and beneficial activities.

So in conclusion, wherever we are, create one happy environment. Put your duty to Allah (by carrying out his orders and away from the ban) as well as obligations to fellow human beings and the environment, respect the rights of all people, it is easy to smile, often to say hello and shake hands, always use three magic words (please, thank you, and sorry), spread positive information, take a lesson from the negative things and popularized favor and those who do good as a role model. Mind to always make others happy and not happy troubling others. Research shows that we will be happy to make others happy, and happiness is contagious. This means that when we are determined to always be happy people around us in a way before, then that attitude will be contagious and lead a happy environment. Imagine if it created a happy environment in homes, offices, schools and public places. Human resources will be created that is capable of evolving and able to work hard so it’s easier to achieve success.

And you are reading this, whoever you are, can become agents of change the world for the better by always trying to make others happy as well as the spread of this article. Thank you for your attention and may provide benefits and happiness for us all.

Source: http://www.kompasiana.com/darian/kerja-keras-dan-kebahagiaan_556c45be58937343048b4567

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