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(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia) Pest control, termite control and fumigation are the control of veterinary animals by spraying fumigant or pesticide into an enclosed or airtight room, for a certain time and dose in order to provide a product, room or other material for such items more guaranteed.

Implementation should be done continuously, given this pest bullying is always there and can even perform immunity to the drug. Immune termination is by way of continuous treatment, appropriate dosage and certain conditions (Tatang Dedy Kurniawan, Limited Pesticide Use Training, Tarubudaya, Ungaran, 4-5 August 2017).

In the course of activities, a competent field of fumigation is necessary. Given the dangers ranging from the fumigant type used, to the frequent execution in places or areas that are difficult to reach.

The company provides the flexibility to every staff to develop knowledge in the field of fumigation, on drugs, technical implementation and various other skills. This certification is not easy to obtain, due to rare training and other things that can not be easily obtained. But we were given opportunities in various trainings to improve our skills and knowledge.

  • Certified experts from the Agricultural Quarantine Agency, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Certificate from AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service), Australia
  • Certificate from PETER MEADOWS concerning fumigation and job guarantees from AQIS


The fumigation business is growing rapidly due to the increasing demand for fumigation, so the current fumigation business requires competent Human Resources. Currently we have experienced fumigation in the field of containers, buildings, archives and national areas, flour mill, instant noodle factory. The next step we tried to release to the government sector, where the government is certain to have archives that must be treated.

For Central Java and its surrounding areas, please contact us at:   

+62 24 76929051

+ 62 24 76929052

or can also via e-mail: tritama@outlook.com

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