Pest control truck – 2017

(Bahasa Indonesia) For most people, a pest control still sounded strange and unknown means. It is often associated with pest control spraying, fumigation, eradication of dengue, anti termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats.

In the income tax regulation Article 23 KEP-170 / PJ / 2002, the term used is a pest control business while pest control practitioners use pest control. But more often pest term used to describe the various activities related to pest and pesticide.
Pest management is in treatment trucks that will transport the flour. Why should this be done? Given truck (as mobilization of transport sales) by several large flour company, the trucks used were trucks outside the company. Why large flour companies take the truck from the outside, it is given in order to avoid the trade monopoly.

Thus the imported trucks is likely not yet free of the pest. After going through checking the condition of the truck, then do sterilization pest by way of cold fog or spraying both inside and outside the tub tailgate. With these conditions, it is expected flour transported during the trip is expected to be free of pests, which is the company’s commitment flour to flour production results free of pests.

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