Care of Seed warehouse – 2016

(Bahasa Indonesia) Care seed warehouse is a central principle in the treatment of commodities in the seed plant. Things priority is the cleanliness of the barn, and then monitoring the implementation of commodities and warehouse maintenance and pest control activities such as fumigation in case of pest infestation.

Corn seed storage is done with conventional methods, the corn put into rice bags, stacked with average model height 2.5 m; 3m wide and 20-28 m long.
In this technique, a commodity disungkup sekedap possible with a special plastic, then put in a containment phospin up long enough period of time (about 5 days) in the hope of pests can be suppressed growth.
Applications phospin penyungkupan and administer drugs is the usual technique performed by the fumigator. In this case the drug used was phospin relatively cheap but requires quite a long time. Unlike the fumigant sulfuryl which only takes 24 hours.
After checking the safety of the environment by taking into account the surrounding population, both humans and pets, then the examination room / silo / heap / staple that will be in fumigation. Silo capacity or volume of the room / heap / stapling, and calculate the amount of fumigant to be used, based on the dosage. The necessary equipment, such as plastic (thickness of between .05 to 0.10 mm), tapes, oppressor, safety equipment, also provide a fumigant and plate / placemat in sufficient quantities.

Implementation of Fumigation
After closing all air holes in the room / silo or pile cap / staple with plastic; overbid least 1 meter on each side. Open the lid Phosfin room is open, and pour or place the tablet / pellet using gloves evenly on the plate / placemat. After the plate / saucer placed on the floor at the bottom of the stack which allows the fumigant can be distributed evenly in all directions. Each sealed plastic tip on the floor, folding at each end of the pile and paste with tapes or place the oppressor on along side the staple to prevent leakage, so the room is completely airtight. If the material in the fumigation stored in silos, the tablet / pellet inserted into the silo with a special tool (probe).
Danger signs affixed to a place that is easily recognizable, and let the fumigation process lasts for 3 x 24 hours. When the fumigation carried out in the warehouse, then as soon as the barn door closed because after 2-3 hours of gas Phosphine (PH3) will decompose and kill eggs, larvae and imago pests warehouse.

Aeration process
After 3 x 24 hours, open the barn door, check the air in the warehouse using phosphine gas meter (detector tube). The threshold to be considered 0.3 ppm, if exceeded use-Canester Mask. Oppressor opened, lackband and plastic parts of the corner stapling, folding it up and leave it open staple for 1-2 hours until completely the gas concentration is below the threshold. The remnants of discarded ash and clean the place.

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