ANRI 3rd DAY – 2016

(Bahasa INDONESIA) As usual, due to fatigue, we oversleep. But one by one team was up and started to resume activity. Fatigue that was already paid off with a joke of jokes overnight. Yes, until 2230 we were briefing ended with our banter jokes. One remedy our longing for the family at home.

There are a few little notes that we made. Due to our work should lead to full concentration and forget with our notes. This is what our circumstances, what can be done, we do first. No partiality, whether a leader or helper. Our principle of compactness is our success towards the same goal. We have much to do today, ranging from electrical installation, installation of hoses distribution, transport tornado fan to the point of his. Do not forget there are some holes AC that has not closed, this is because the air conditioning was still burning yesterday and planned today will be turned off.

We are looking for breakfast, and very lucky, we occupy a retreat close to the merchant meal. Various dining available here with a relatively cheap price. That in fact different in Gresik industrial city, Jakarta is not cruel Gresik in terms of food and we never complained because we were already familiar with this situation.

We are ready to enter the building ANRI started preparing hoses, cables and AC cheking few holes should be closed.

Electrical installation work has been completed. Each 2 pieces tornado fan installed on the 8th floor in the second building. This is due to flatten sulfuryl concentrates in the room, whose results will be monitored.
After checking electrical installations fitted with a fan, it turns out there was one fan who died on the 8th floor Checked there was a loose terminal connections. This is because the cables are pulled to provide proper fan tornado. After we repaired the break and lunch.
Makin noon, our work done quickly because our target is to plug the hose distribution, monitoring hoses and electrical installations. Hose mounted monitor, a small tube is used to monitor concentrations of sulfuryl by means of interferometers brands Reiken on monitoring schedule Friday and Saturday.

Not unexpectedly after it was the target today was completed according to schedule. We return late in the afternoon while the evaluation work on this day. Many evaluations are done today, where work started on an individual basis. This is because the specification work has been done on an individual basis.
As with any electrical installation, withdrawal, measurement and placement of wiring done together, but when installing jacks and terminals made by our experts.
While tornado fan placement and hose monitoring carried out by competent personnel we have. As a natural writer, when installing the cable, when mengatul cable in a point. It is conceivable deserted and alone only accompanied by a silent witness to the existence of the archives of the Indonesian people.

Continued on ANRI 4th DAY …

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