ANRI 2nd DAY – 2016

(Bahasa INDONESIA) In the early morning already sounded echoes of dawn. It turned out that time in Jakarta 5 minutes faster than Ungaran. Bone-chilling cold which turned out to be generated by our air conditioned rooms. The hotel room provided by the company, sufficient for people like us. When all has not awakened just thought there were some little notes written yet.

Eve Jakarta outside was not as cold in the room. Although not as harsh as in Gresik, Jakarta filled with passing and bustle of people still considered cool. The trees were planted neatly big towering give breathing in Cilandak area, it still feels fresh.
After performing the dawn prayer, playfully joked on the sidelines of the briefing, we prepare communications equipment, hard hats, safety shoes and clothes we vests. The experience of some of our work to make the safety standards that support the work. Given the extra work to be done carefully, because the family waiting at home. For the record, that we in ANRI first time doing this fumigation. Seeing the vendor work performed last year, some conclusions can be drawn.
As described by Mr.. Lukman there are some parts of the rest of duct tape still attached. And filing cabinets turns disingkup / closed wear plastic. This proves that the fumigant used SO2F2 not wear, but wear phospin, which the fumigant will damage or corrosive to metal.
It is unfortunate indeed, evidence must state the speculation with jobs that are less precise. But it makes the lesson for us, especially building F which incidentally, archive material form of film, are particularly vulnerable to chemicals. When considering this, we are reminded of the work at the National Press Monument Solo in Solo, already almost every year we are working on and until now, Alhamdulillah, there is no complaint about the damage caused fumigant sulfuryl. Forward back we hope there is no review of the fumigant sulfuryl old film material. Be a challenge for us, that this work is a beautiful gift for our beloved Indonesia.

After a meager breakfast we continue to work to the building ANRI. The first thing to do is the installation of gas distribution pipelines. Pretty much pipe we carry, in addition there are about 7 floor there is also a second building that will do.
The division of tasks were carried out. Building G with personnel 3 (2 sealing, installation of piping and wiring installation 1). While building E 4 people (2 pipe installation and 2 sealing). Our work is done with extreme caution, because it turns the air conditioner in the second building was never turned off, so it was sweltering outside is not felt.

We do sealing from the upper floors. While the pipeline installation is completed. At that time the plastic sealing mica is almost gone, but we have reached the 5th floor which means we’re doing a new third floor. But before the work resumed, Adhan Dluhur already calling. We pray, eat, brefing and evaluation moment.
Then the work we do to not feel the time is shown at 16.30 pm where office hours are finished. Just then came Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Sugimin who see our work. Looks a sense of satisfaction in his countenance alone with our work. Because the work is already done in accordance with the schedule, given the gassing must be made on Friday.
Eventually we went home with a feeling of relief, plastics that are likely expected to be exhausted are still substantial. There are still some parts that have not sealing, because it is not sealing air conditioning and an emergency door.

Continued on ANRI 3rd DAY…

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