ANRI 1st DAY – 2016

(Bahasa INDONESIA) This article is about the journal fumigation activities at the National Archives Building of the Republic of Indonesia, in building E and G in 2016. Some of the events was based on what they are, without any editing or alterations. The author’s own role in the activities of fumigation this year. Hopefully this article useful …

The first day of entering the outer ring highway towards Cilandak is not easy for us who live in the countryside. Armed with the map and GPS, the team finally managed to enter the area Cilandak. Not a lot of obstacles we encountered. The long journey that began at 13:30 pm and arrive at the lodge at 1:15 am in the morning. Nearly 12 hours we take this trip.
Smile friendly modest hotel guards greeted our arrival. Having regard to the accent of his sending greetings polite, it turns out he is the Semarang.
After obtaining the individual rooms, we briefly talked to schedule work in the morning. Does not feel it was past 3:00 am in the morning. Nothing feels drowsiness began to attack so suddenly and accidentally after we broke up in the living room stay each and waktupun already showed 06.30 pm. It’s too late for the dawn prayer, but which nevertheless remains an obligation, we will carry out as well as our commitment to ANRI.

Team leader was ready to collect the men. A cup of coffee and a few cigarettes have been issued the helper. At 7:15 pm our time to yourself eating soup in a side street. Ampera Raya more precisely, especially big cities like Jakarta, it is not difficult to find breakfast. And again his soto seller is the Kebumen, feel at home, even away from home.

We’ve been in ANRI, after a report on the security and administrative finish and then we met Mr. Edi Saptono. She graciously introducing the staff and anyone who will be assisting us in the work.

Hopefully tomorrow more smoothly …

Continued on 2nd day …

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