Eid in 2016

(Dalam Bahsa Indonesia) In 2016 this Eid, we get the confidence to do the job at PT. Pundi Kencana Flour Mills, Cilegon Banten and PT. Wilma Nabati Indonesia, Gresik. Tiredness and fatigue that is everlasting, leaving the family home, relatives and friends. Far from home, and away from the habit at home. Where ties and each other from one house to another, is not measurable…


New Picture
Brifing before working

All of it was paid for with sincerity and sincerity to dedicate ourselves to the work commitments that have been made between the company and the big factories over the years. So great was the trust given by renowned factory, not an easy thing to do. Starting from the search outsourced personnel are experienced and have followed the footsteps of the company for several years, the new power must dedicate themselves, technical personnel, administration staff as well as the technical personnel, all mixed up in one sentence, determined to do their best.



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Unloading equipment

Regardless … yes … whatever work we do, do not look at whether a director or an assistant, if it has been dropped on the ground, it will not look her dress, which looks only people who work with full confidence, that what they do is the best, and make their work done, quickly and on time.


New Picture (2).jpg
Electrical installation

For us, the right company located on the island of Java, the topology is not be a great thing. If the view of the map, that Cilegon located in the West, while the East was in Gresik, think harder again to explore the energy and thoughts and equipment to two places at once. This year is actually not a “good year” we, considering that in previous years we have worked on more than two large companies. But regardless of the trust given to us, not make us people are easily discouraged. After all, trust is tested, with the assumption that, by not holding fumigation, fumigation means we have done the previous year was a great success, where there is no significant incidence of pest attacks.

New Picture (3).jpg
Unloading SF

But the interesting part of some of our work is that the personnel in the field are remarkable. It is conceivable, with power failure conditions, should reach 7.8 floor 9th floor even by simply using the emergency stairs. Not to mention the way of sealing that require extra care by using a body harness, electrical installations are now using three legs, powerful tension is very high, and more dangerously when gassing. Not yet when the leakage between the pipe nipple with a circulation pipe.
All done with great care and caution, negligence little … lives are at risk, and Eid is expected happy ending could end up with grief.
Flour mill area, mostly near the coast temperature is so very oppressive. In contrast to life in Ungaran, Semarang regency cool and calm. The bustle of the big cities that never sleep deeply felt.

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Gresik which is about 15 minutes from the capital of East Java, Surabaya, not much different from coastal towns. In addition to a large flour mill Wilmar, also contained Gresik cement plants, petrochemical and some other large factories.

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PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia and PT. Pundi Kencana prioritizes safety. Before doing the job, we were in the first ranks of the other power and perform induction. This induction is a briefing in another sense, explanations, information and even to threats. No matter how small accidents that occurred in the two companies, must actually reported, and the slightest evil that we do, will actually reported to the authorities.
Let alone to commit a crime, even for work very tight. Login must use hard hats, vests, safety shoes, body harness, while for mobile phones, cameras and communication devices in addition to Handy Talkie very very forbidden.
As tight as any regulation, is for our safety. Likewise with any heavy work, our commitment is to complete the work in accordance with the target and the client’s wishes.
And … just joy immeasurable, if you see the results as expected ….

New Picture (6).jpg
Gresik Team

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