(Bahasa Indonesia) ASSPHAMI (Association of Indonesian Pest Control Company) is an organization that serves as a container and communication of information that facilitates a wide range of pest control companies throughout Indonesia-based control of pests, vectors of 2.pngdisease and environmental health.


ASPPHAMI has a vision of becoming a professional association of the company, credible, competent in order to improve the quality of life, environment and housing. ASPPHAMI invited Indonesian entrepreneurs together in synergy with the government, realizing the Indonesian economy is tough and fair. Here are the steps that have been undertaken by ASPPHAMI:

  1. To compile and build companies Pest Management to improve the quality of public health, the environment and housing.
  2. Enhancing the quality of Human Resources and member of the organizing pest control services and environmentally sound services implement health, safety and working environment.
  3. Being credible partner for government agencies, private and user services.
  4. Educate and raise public awareness about the benefits of the importance of professional pest control through the dissemination of information.

Having regard to the evolving demands of globalization as well as the public health, the role of the Association of Indonesian Pest Control Company (ASPPHAMI) as one umbrella organization continues organizing an important part in order to improve the performance of its members.



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