Finally the European Union Open Doors Create Wood Origin Indonesia

(Bahasa Indonesia) Joint Press Conference Four Ministers, Minister of Environment and Forestry (Siti Nurbaya), Minister of Foreign Affairs (Retno LP Marsudi), Trade Minister (Thomas Trikasih Lembong), Minister of Industry (Saleh Husin) related licensed Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Indonesia with related EU exports Indonesian wood products to 28 countries in the European Union on Thursday (12/5). (CNN Indonesia / Riva Dessthania Suastha.

Jakarta, Indonesia CNN, May 12, 2016 – The European Union began September 2016 to open up to the entry of timber from Indonesia with the proviso pocketed illegal timber export licenses. This is part of Treaty Law Enforcement, Governance and Forest Products Trade (FLEGT-VPA) between Indonesia and the European Union.
There are four ministries involved in the FLEGT-VPA agreement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Forests (KLHK), Ministry of Trade and Industry Ministry.

LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya explain the main points of Indonesia FLEGT-VPA with the EU lies in the Wood Legality Verification System (SLVLK) that facilitate timber trade Indonesia to the European Union countries. In fact, exporters can take advantage of SVLK to sell timber to other developed countries such as the USA and Japan.

“With this SVLK will facilitate trade in wood trade to the EU, the path Indonesian timber exports be shortened unlike before there FLEGT-VGA,” Siti said during a press conference on Thursday (12/5).

On the same occasion, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno L.P. Marsudi said FLEGT-VGA agreements not only facilitate exports, but also tighten the Indonesian timber trade to the EU. According to him, only legal timber with SLVK certificates that can be exported abroad.
“It also ensures export destination countries may only accept a licensed legal timber from Indonesia. Ensure that only legal timber in the EU market, “said Retno.

This agreement FLEGT-built VGA Indonesia since 2003 and has been ratified in 2014. However, this agreement can only be enforced on September 2016.
For information, SVLK is mandatory for the entire timber industry wants to export. To obtain a certificate SVLK, timber companies must pay Rp40 million to Rp80 million.
Minister Siti said the high costs of obtaining SVLK need the attention of all parties. Because the wood or furniture industry many small and medium which hampered his efforts because they were unable to make SVLK certificate.

Therefore, he continued, the government through relevant ministries seek to facilitate small and medium industries to be able to get this SVLK certificate. This is done so FLEGT-VGA is not a barrier, but an incentive for Indonesian timber industry and furniture in order to thrive.
“Overall SVLK license should be simplified in such a way. Filing (SVLK) is much cheaper and small industries need support if we are trying to support, “said Siti.
Ministry of Industry noted there are currently about 1,634 units of Small and Medium Industries (SMI) an exporter of wood and furniture. Of these about 30 percent have not had SVLK.

Minister of Industry Saleh Husin optimistic synergy of four ministry can facilitate SMEs to obtain SVLK timber before FLEGT-VGA officially enacted. By doing so, Indonesia can better manage wood and furniture industry in a sustainable Indonesia.
“With the FLEGT-VPA, timber industry in Indonesia can be optimized more towards sustainable management,” said Saleh. (Ags).

Sumber : CNN Indonesia – Riva Dessthania Suastha.

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