Implementation of Fumigation Building in PT. SIDO MUNCUL – 2016

(Bahasa Indonesia) Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Industries PT Sido Muncul Tbk has managed to have the highest market share and good reputation as the largest herbal medicine industry in Indonesia. The success that has been achieved today must not be separated from the role and the offender founder of this industry, both in terms of quality management and control of production.

One thing always is to do with the building or plant fumigation conducted on 20-22 May 2016. The implementation of the fumigation carried out by a competent person or company that has all the requirements needed in the implementation of good fumigation administrative aspects, technical aspects as well as aspects of HR.

Covering all aspects of the administration of the required administrative requirements for implementation of the fumigation such as licensing, legal entities, certification etc. The technical aspect includes all the technical requirements that must be owned by implementing both the equipment and supplies required in the implementation of fumigation.

Implementing fumigation delivered by the method of implementing fumigation and pestcontrol according to SOP or standard that applies in accordance with SOP fumigation and pestcontrol on a specific building / space archives, including the handling of hazardous chemicals and occupational safety and health measures.

Technical implementation fumigation carried out by two (2) or more depending on the magnitude of the burden of the implementation of the fumigation. In each implementation fumigation must be at least one person trained and experienced in conducting fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride (executor certified).

A person appointed as the person in charge of fumigation and the work must always be in the current location of the fumigation carried out.

The requirements to be designated as responsible for execution of fumigation as follows:


  • Understand the technique of fumigation using sulfuryl fluoride;
  • Planning for the implementation of the fumigation;
  • Explaining the plan to the maid implementing fumigation fumigation and those involved in the implementation of fumigation and fumigation understand successful implementation.

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