Why Should Build Motivation, Optimism, and Work Ethic?

[Bahasa Indonesia] If you want to become a successful employee, of course you have to Build Motivation, Optimism, and Work Ethic. If not through this, what else? If you want to succeed in your career, you have to have a great motivation to work, optimism, and have a high work ethic.
The Motivation High

Motivation is like the energy, the motivation productivity high so you will make a major contribution to the company. And, the company will certainly be pleased with the high employee contribution for its employees. It’s very entry logic, you give you will receive.

You must believe this. When you give but not receive, simply a case to be completed, it does not mean loss of motivation to stop contributing. You have to keep the spirit, solve the existing problems. Why your contribution is not visible or is not recognized by the company? Find the cause and finish.

In general, the company or the boss will see your contribution. Then improve and maintain your motivation in the work, never wear off if you want to succeed.

Optimism for Employees

Whoever does not like people who are pessimistic than others pessimistic. A Steve Jobs easily dismiss an employee because the employee is the best he’s constantly talking pessimistic. Pessimistic, not only will have a negative impact on themselves, too contagious to others.

Do not be pessimistic, remains optimistic. Optimistic that what you do will benefit your career. You contribute to the company, then you should be optimistic that your career will be better.

No, not always you will get a better career than the same company, which means that even if you contribute to your company, maybe you get a better career than company B.

I have a friend, once when I was working. I learned a lot to him, because he did a great job. productive and intelligent. Suddenly he left, he wanted to move work to other companies. Somehow, there are other companies that offer better career than companies where we work.

Rest assured, optimislah that you will get a better career. Your task now is the best contribution wherever you work with high motivation.

Work Ethic For A Muslim

According to Toto Tasmara, (2002) work ethic is the totality of the personality of themselves and to express, look, believe and give meaning there is something, which prompted him to act and achieve charitable optimized so that the pattern of the relationship between man and himself and between humans and other creatures can established.

For a Muslim, the schools properly with his mission, he will have a high work ethic. Work is worship. If the work is a part of worship, that is to say to God, how could he work carelessly.

Well, of course. In fact, do work, prayers were still many who carelessly. It is for those who have not really practice religion. However, for a Muslim, who are trying to live the teachings of his religion, he would pray fervently and work with a high work ethic.

Again, your company or your boss will always look for employees with a high work ethic. It means that if you want to develop a career, then have a high work ethic. It can not. Do not expect to get a better career if your work ethic is still low.

So for a Muslim who wants to be successful in your career, you have to continue to build motivation, build optimism, and have a high work ethic. Let others do not, it’s an opportunity for you to show the quality of yourself as an employee who should have been, an employee champion.


Source : http://www.motivasi-islami.com/membangun-motivasi-optimisme-dan-etos-kerja/


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