Maximizing your hard work: 8 tips for career

kerja keras.jpg[In Indonesia] The best way to support your family is to be the best employee for your boss. There are several reasons why this is called work. Indeed, no one who loves her job and enjoys every minute of her work, but we do not have to suffer in work. Sometimes the work is indeed difficult. Here are 8 instructions to get maximum results in a career:

Love your work

If you do not love your job, your job lovely. If you do not like your job, pretend. If your boss believes that you love your job, he’ll treat you better by providing tasks more and better, greater responsibility, and-one of the most important key is- your salary will increase.

Hard work

The Japanese are famous for the tradition of hard work. Have a hard-working attitude. Came just in time. Do not waste time in vain. Do not just talk all day. Focus on job duties. Do your best at work. Your boss will notice your hard work and it is very meaningful to your career. Your boss really like the hard working employees.

Understand your boss

Let us understanding each other-no boss as smart as the people who work for him. He can not do your job as well as you. He secured a position as supervisor not do your job because of his skills but for his skills do the job, Understanding. Grateful for the input that he gave that can build you. In the morning, welcome him with a smile. Say hello “See you” when you are finished working. The more you show care and concern for your boss and his career, the more he will pay attention and care about you and your career.


Many say that the presence in the work place as a struggle, is true. Arrive on time. Working full-time. Do not wait at the door when the bell rings. Complete all of the day’s work. Tidy up your work area and go home with a sense of joy because you have to work as much as possible.


Never lie to get a job. Do not lie while working. Each job requires trust. There is no faster way to lose the respect of your boss in addition to lying to him. Sooner or later, she will know your dishonesty.

Carefully with the company’s assets

Alert, protect, watch, and keep the company’s assets. Do not treat stock cabinet as your own personal store. Save hours when you are traveling with the company’s costs and remove cost less than allowed. You will get sympathy from your boss if you show how much you appreciate the company’s assets as you respect the property of its own. The salary increase will be a special reward.

Treat colleagues and subordinates with good

Get a good reputation with peers and subordinates treat you with respect. Never lose your temper. More listening than talking. Really listening (silence while trying to develop a strategy to respond to the things they say, is not listening). There is a separate force, which no successor, in gaining the respect of your colleagues.

Be patient

Your career will last for 30 to 40 years. Do not expect to get three promotions each year. Enjoy periods of work.

The best way to support your family is to be the best employee for your boss. Become extraordinary achievers employee, whether you work in the production line or in the office of the company, is the surest way to get a job after the next round of layoffs or to get a raise.

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