Characteristics of a Good Employee

(in Indonesia) If you are an employee who has just started her career and join a company, then to help you accelerate success in your career, you have to work and improve the properties of your properties.

Knowing the best quality an employee can help you find a strong foothold in the work in the company and increase your chances of getting promotion and success. Being a good employee is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. There are 10 characteristics of a good employee you should know that the future of your career good. This characteristic feature you can also use if you are a leader that is not one of choosing employees.


Each leader must like employees who have the ability to communicate well and express themselves clearly, both in writing and speaking. Communication inaccurate or imprecise among employees can cause many problems for the company.

Hard woker

Not easy to get hard-working employees. It could be an employee said he was a hard worker, but he does not always work sebenarnnya while still office hours. Therefore, you need to remind ourselves of the importance of working hard as an employee.

Working In Team

Each company consists of several teams. Each company also requires a team effort effectively. Therefore, each team is expected to cooperate and solid. Employees are able to work together as a team is like worker ants.

Adapts and capable Learning

Good employees know how to adjust to the new environment, willing to learn new things and do our best in every change and tend to be the best player in any organization.

Motivating Yourself

An employee who either never hesitate to take responsibility or a higher position. He was also prepared to work beyond their daily duties with regard to solving the company’s problem or the achievement of corporate goals.

Helping Others

Each employee will appreciate a helping hand another employee if he is in need of assistance. Do not hesitate to help others. This will establish friendly relations with colleagues and keep the office running smoothly. Attitudes that helpfull in time would be appreciated by the leadership and co-workers.


A good employee is honest with his work. They are quite critical and unwilling to accept advice and criticism because they think that it’s very important to be a good student.

Polite and Ethical

Being friendly will not harm you. Good employees would welcome their colleagues with a warm greeting, ‘good morning’, saying polite things like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. It may seem trivial, but it makes employees feel more appreciated. A good employees also follow the company policy and can inspire others to do the same. There are rules made and the work that must be followed. No manners at every place that must be maintained.

Discipline and Timely

Each boss like employee discipline and timely. Time is money. Coming late to the office, take an hour resting for something that is not necessary, postpone postpone the work and leave the office earlier than the working hours will make the company the cost of hiring employees dispose of waste such. Bosses will be less able to appreciate employees who are not disciplined.

Stealing Respect Points and Privacy

One of the most common practice is done in the office is ‘broke’ the other employees in order to be seen as an exemplary employee. An employee who either would not do or let coworkers lose points. An employee must always remember that he came to the office to work, and create a career. Do not spread office gossip or rumor. A good employee will respect the privacy of his colleagues, maintain and protect the confidential company or business enterprise.

source: in Human Capital Journal

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