5 Keys To Success Secrets Reveals Islam:

(In Indonesia) In Islam, worship is divided into two by type, yaiu worship and worship ghairu mahdhah mahdhah. Mahdhah worship is worship directly to God.
Worship mahdhah has four principles, namely the existence of worship is based on the proposition that clear procedures for implementation based manner exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad, above the reach of reason (supra rational), berazas adherence (compliance or obedience is required of servant in implementing this worship).

Simply put, worship mahdhah can be understood as a religious ritual. Mahdhah formula of worship is for Allah and Shari’a compliant. Examples mahdhah worship, among other wudu, tayammum, azan, Iqama, prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage.

The second kind of worship is worship ghairu mahdhah, namely worship beside Allah also relates to involve interaction with human beings and other creatures.

As mahdhah worship, worship ghairu mahdhah also has four principles. The fourth principle is no proposition that prohibits, implementation is not always patterned on the example of the Prophet Muhammad, is rational, and berazas benefits (along bring benefits, may be performed). The formula of worship ghairu mahdhah is doing good for God.
The forms of worship ghairu mahdhah not limited. Throughout the good deeds that bring benefits and because Allah, Insha Allah, then such actions worth worship. Among the sea of ​​ghairu mahdhah form of worship, work is one of them. Yes, work as worship. In fact, this form of worship has very noble position in Islam.

The Holy Qur’an has explained the command to work, among other Surat at-Tawbah: 105, Qasas: 26, and Al Jumuah: 10.
In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad convey the essence is exhausted from earning a living can erase the sins that even sin can not be removed by prayer, fasting, zakat and hajj. Earn a living necessarily equal work. There are many other traditions that explain the obligation to work.
Only, so that work can be worth worship, there are certainly a number of conditions that must be met. Therefore, it is not possible types of work that are contrary to faith and Islamic law could have a value of worship in it.

The requirements that must be met to make the work as worship, are as follows.

  1. Right intention
    Work will be worth worship if the intention straight wanted to make a living for God. Do not let us work our intention limited to world affairs solely, or even have good intentions that underlie our work.
  2. Work done in the right way
    When we already have the intention straight in the works, but the way we are doing is not right, our work would not get the value of worship.
    For example, we have the intention of working for God, but in the work environment we do things improperly, such as accepting bribes, corruption, or take the property of others.
  3. Kind of a good job
    Working we certainly will not be a worship if our job is a bad job types that are prohibited by religion.
  4. Behavior awake
    We can make work as worship, one of them by keeping behavior when working. Doing things that are sinful, like gossip, tackle coworkers, bosses lick, stepping subordinates, would undermine the value of worship of work activity.
  5. Be sincere and upright
    One of the requirements is accepted worship Allah is to be sincere. Similarly, the works. In order to be worth worship, work must be done with sincerity.

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