Fumigation in PT Wilmar Gresik – 2015

(In Indonesia) Fumigation in PT WILMAR NABATI INDONESIA was over done. Her work reaches 100% total dead pests. It was a remarkable achievement in the fumigation. This results because the coordinator of the PT WILMAR NABATI INDONESIA and PT TRIBHAKTI INSPEKTAMA Semarang, who has compiled a good medicine, technical and implementation time.
Although there was not in the national holidays, this work became more challenging, factors other than the place (East Java), because when the implementation is done on weekdays are closed.
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Implementation of the fumigation carried out by our competent has all the requirements needed in the implementation of good fumigation administrative aspects, technical aspects as well as aspects of human resources.

  • Covering all aspects of the administration of the required administrative requirements for implementation of the fumigation such as licensing, legal entities, etc. certification. The technical aspect includes all the technical requirements that must be owned by implementing both the equipment and supplies required in the implementation of fumigation.
  • Executing fumigation fumigation and pestcontrol implementing methods according to SOP or applicable standards in accordance with SOP fumigation and pestcontrol in special buildings including the handling of hazardous chemicals and occupational health and safety measures.
  • Technical implementation fumigation carried out by people who are trained and experienced in conducting fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride (executor certified). The person appointed as the person in charge of fumigation and the work must always be in the current location of the fumigation carried out.

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