(Bahasa Indonesia) In the task, the employee can not be separated from the loyalty and work ethic, and thus the employee will always carry out a good job. Employees feel a deep pleasure for the work performed.
Loyalty can be regarded as a person of loyalty towards something that is not just a purely physical fidelity, but rather on the non-physical fidelity as the mind and attention. The loyalty of the employees in an organization that is absolutely necessary for the success of the organization itself. The higher the loyalty of the employees in an organization, the easier for the organization to achieve organizational objectives previously set by the owner of the organization. Likewise, for the organization of its employees loyalty is low, it is increasingly difficult for the organization to achieve the goals of the organization that has been previously set by the owners of the organization.

IMG_20150727_144743 IMG_20150727_144808

The word loyalty is derived from the word meaning loyal faithful. Loyalty within the organization can be defined as an employee’s loyalty to the organization. Loyalty can be interpreted willingness of employees with all the ability, skill, mind, and time to participate achieve organizational goals and to keep a secret organization and not take actions that harm the organization as long as the person is still an employee. Loyalty is also a desire to protect and save face for others.

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