Cooperation with SO2F2 Providers

(Bahasa Indonesia) PT. TRIBHAKTI Inspektama SEMARANG (PT. TRITAMA) as a fumigation company has a mandate from partners (both private and government) to manage the fumigation and give greater attention to the problem of pests, especially large companies or government agencies. Problems between large companies or governments to pests and pesticides, could not be separated. Therefore, the approach taken in pest management should pay attention to the sustainability of production or performance, but still pay attention to the surrounding environment.

The reforms in the field of fumigation, PT. TRITAMA make fumigation system policy by arranging the pattern of cooperation with a guaranteed availability of sulfuryl (SO2F2).

Implementation of the fumigation by several fumigation services company to date has not been optimal and found many obstacles and problems, which include the unavailability of the drug supply, then the concept of this pattern is expected implementation of fumigation in the concession area of ​​PT. TRITAMA will be more flexible, accommodating, participative and with an awareness of social responsibility is high, so as to provide certainty of status and profits for the company, contributing to the improvement of the economy, create local entrepreneurs as well as the sustainability of the company.

Purpose and objectives

The intent of this application is to provide continuity and direction pest management by integrating the economic, ecological and social and professional proportionally. This objective is to enhance the role and responsibilities of PT. TRITAMA, partner / company and are interested in the sustainability of a nationwide company.


Patterns of cooperation carried out in the concession area of ​​private enterprise and the government that is the working area of ​​PT. TRITAMA taking into account the priorities based on careful planning as agreed with the business partner and the concept implemented does not aim to change the production capacity or performance of the company.

Principle of Cooperation

  • Need Each Other
  • Strengthening mutual
  • Mutual Trust (Mutual Trust)
  • Mutual (Mutual Benefits)

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