Hard work, diligence, perseverance, and conscientious


Work has meaning trying and hard which means earnest. So the hard work is working diligently and earnestly to achieve an optimal as possible. Working hard does not have as much as possible. If we maximize the job that is not optimal, results will not be as good as if we optimize our work. So it is hard work and the ability to optimize our time as much as possible. That is why, the attitude of hard work can be done in various aspects of life and our profession.

Everyone is trying to make the work and all its activities as optimally as possible, must have the following conditions:

  • Have to adjust all the work with the applicable rules;
  • Before doing the work should be started with the intention and planning;
  • Each of employment shall be done properly and correctly.

We work hard because a lot of benefits, both for the person who bekera hard and to the environment. Among the lessons of hard work are as follows:

  • Develop their potential, both in the form of talents, interests, knowledge, and skills.
  • Private forming responsible and disciplined.
  • Elevate the dignity of himself both as individual beings and as members of society.
  • Improve the lives of many people and improve their welfare.
  • Self and family living needs are met.
  • Able to live decent.
  • Success reaching goals


Diligent have the meanings unyielding, firm in the establishment, industrious, enterprising, sincerely and constantly in work despite difficulties, obstacles, and obstacles. Diligent nature is embodied in the spirit of continuous and not slack despite facing many obstacles.

Seal Sobek - 4

Officers with makeshift lighting should still be diligent in working


Perseverance means test stand, not easily discouraged and give up when they have obstacles and barriers that accompanied the willingness of hard work in trying to achieve the goals and ideals. Although he failed in an affair, but she did not complain, do not be sad, nor despair that he would keep trying and trying again to achieve what he wanted. For him, failure is success delayed.

Leak detector - 1

Leak detector

Leak detector - 2

An officer was checking the leak detector


Conscientious is careful or thorough, cautious, calculating in thinking and acting, as well as unhurried and not careless in carrying out the work. The attitude of rigor is needed to achieve maximum results.

New Picture (12) New Picture

Some findings seal off, and immediately dealt with by officers

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