Fumigation and Information Technology

(Bahasa Indonesia) Competition fumigation with a competitive advantage is the decisive factor in improving performance in PT TRIBHAKTI INSPEKTAMA SEMARANG (PT. TRITAMA).

PT. TRITAMA utilize information network better and be one alternative way to easily and quickly obtain information about potential future fumigation. This prompted the company to optimize the utilization of human resources through the advancement of technology owned. HR needs to PT. TRITAMA can be customized with the company’s potential in realizing the mission and the vision that has been set. And is not a complicated thing to further explore the competence of human resources through the use of information and communications technology networks are increasingly sophisticated.

The current problems faced by PT. TRITAMA carries a number of implications for the use of information technology made by the company. Is a necessity that the competitiveness of the economic sectors of the company will be realized when supported by a reliable information technology. Superior information technology in both capacity mastery of science and technology as well as mental attitude, so it can be subject or reliable businesses.

An effort is needed to change the outlook on life (shifting paradigm) to allow the use of information technology is able to encourage a wide range of HR expertise that can cultivate fields of work that drives the wheels companies. The hope is that the human resources owned by PT. TRITAMA able to fight for the needs and strengthening the use of IT into its core business. You can imagine when this materializes, the sector can certainly increase the company’s revenue.

His understanding is that individuals begin the process of management development by seeking to gain knowledge about the work of the company’s business is a decisive step utilization of human resources. They should be able to develop talent in management to run the business fumigation seriously.

Further to develop human resources so that it can be individual contributors who have a strong base, it is not easy to give up and focus on the functions, duties and responsibilities. Then HR is able to achieve business objectives through the creation of work projects, teams, and special assignments, and others. Finally, HR at PT. TRITAMA having a strategic perspective and is involved in determining the direction of the business fumigation jointly developed over the years.
IMG_20150730_085519 IMG_20150730_085446 IMG_20150730_085456 IMG_20150730_085507 IMG_20150730_085515
The base is used as a supporter of human resource development activities at PT. TRITAMA, namely the use of competency. Where it is clearly necessary consistency in using the job competence. Because this is the key to improving the performance of individuals (SDM). Matters of concern to the company, such as the staffs were selected based on competency standards have greater opportunities to become more productive and remain on the job rather than human resources selected using other criteria.

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