Performance Evaluation

(Dalam Bahasan Indonesia) Performance evaluation is an assessment method a person or group tasks or work units within a company or organization in accordance with the performance standards or goals set in advance. The performance evaluation is the fairest way to give rewards or awards to workers. The aim is to ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives of the company and also to determine the position of the company and the level of achievement of the objectives of the company, especially to determine if there is a delay or deviation so promptly corrected, so that the target or goal is reached. Individual performance evaluation results can be used for many usage. Approach to the assessment objectives are:

1. Evaluation

The results of performance appraisal are used as the basis of the achievements regular organization members, which include: (a) Salary study. Decisions compensation that includes the increase in merit-pay, bonuses and other salary increases is one of the main objectives of performance appraisal. (b) Promotion opportunities. Decisions preparation of employees (staffing) with respect to promotion, demotion, transfer and dismissal of employees is the second purpose of performance appraisal.

2. Development

Performance appraisal can be used to develop the private members of the organization, which includes:

  • Inauguration of Job Performance. Feedback job performance (performance feedback) is a major development needs for nearly all employees want to know the results of the assessment.
  • Improved Performance. The purpose of performance appraisal is also to provide guidance to employees for the improvement of performance in the future.

IMG_20150728_141905 IMG_20150728_141856

Two dimensions of performance that need to be included in the assessment of job performance, namely:

  • The level of discipline is a form of meeting the needs of organizations to detain people in the organization.
  • The level of ability of employees, both in terms of quantity and quality of performance that must be achieved by an employee.

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