Fumigasi Forward, How?

(Dalam Bahasan Indonesia) Anticipating the increasing number of pests, PT TRIBHAKTI Inspektama Semarang (PT TRITAMA) remain alert fumigation officer during Lebaran. Director of PT TRITAMA (Yudhi Wahyudi) said, as many as 20 officers fumigation in some flour mills large alerted, or will not be closed.
Because, already 1 year old flour mill is already operating in other words the spread of pests in certain existing plant. The officer remained on duty to perform total fumigation of buildings, especially when after the implementation of the Id prayer.
Yudhi explained, these officers were divided into three teams on standby in the area of ​​Semarang, Cilegon area and Medan. A total of 20 officers in the area are ready and have been conducting fumigation.
He added that the officers in charge of fumigation is required. If there is truant, will be given sanctions according to the provisions. It has done each year. Where officials remain active as usual, which is doing a top in the assigned area. This is a commitment for us and our clients, that is the task done when the plant is empty, or closed because considering the performance of the officer would be better if there are no incoming employees.

IMG_20150727_144820 DSCF3690 DSCF3718 IMG_20150714_152953

Human resources (HR), is the key for us in establishing a firm foundation of our vision and mission. Its meaning is how companies can have quality human resources and have the skills and high competitiveness in developing core business fumigation.
Problems encountered today is that without given the ability and high competitive advantage necessary services products and service company in the field of fumigation is not easy to penetrate the target expected by the management company. Knowingly or not that the growing competitors who want to dominate the market fumigation services. Each competitor would have the merit of products and services featured each with a variety of innovations.

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