Total Fumigation in Cilegon – 2015

(Dalam Bahasan Indonesia) Ramadan is a month full of glory nearly ended, marked by the presence of eid Al-Fitr, a day of triumph. And slowly will pass, leaving a lot of memories, experiences once lesson. Among them is about the preparations made before the fumigation total in Cilegon in 2015.


Edi example. Men from Salatiga is welcoming the eid Al-Fitr with the preparation of total fumigation equipment in Cilegon area. Lebaran less than a week. Once the welcoming spirit of eid Al-Fitr, because of the principle, eid Al-Fitr wherever located, as long as we are still fighting for the family, our heart is still still feel close together.
Since the middle of Ramadan, start prepare fumigation equipment. No less than twenty items he collected fumigation equipment.

IMG_20150708_130334 IMG_20150708_130319

Indeed, fumigation workers who every day work as a fumigator in this company was so busy with new clothes or even shoes. Her clothes and new shoes is not so important. Likewise with food, beverages and furniture, not included in the list which he had prepared. Far more crucial for him is to ensure that the fumigation equipment will he bring to Cilegon ready.
The bustle-bustle as above it is easy to find in the community before the coming of the day of eid Al-Fitr. In fact, we are probably the one that did it. Although there was no guidance or religious provision that requires doing it, but that’s the fact. The people are so enthusiastic, eager to do a variety of preparations for welcoming the Eid. The full day of forgiveness, victory after full day fasting, restrain and control the passions.
The closer the day of eid Al-Fitr, preparation increasingly evident. Almost everyone, at every location do activities related to the day of Eid. As if, whatever is done can be ensured for the eid Al-Fitr. Nothing for eid Al-Fitr, all for eid Al-Fitr.

IMG_20150708_152201 IMG_20150708_152222 IMG_20150708_152304 IMG_20150708_152433

In fact. However, the preparation should be done nan must not be imposed, but adapted to the abilities and needs.

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