Total fumigation in Semarang, 2015

(Dalam Bahasan Indonesia) Lebaran or Idul Fitri is almost the same with family gatherings, especially the workers who daily busy with work. During Eid feels always eagerly awaited as a venue for gatherings with people nearby to stay in touch. However, the chance gathered at this moment is not felt by the employees of PT Tribhakti Inspektama Semarang. Because they have to do the fumigation in some flour company in Indonesia. As is the case in large flour company in Semarang, 20 employees of PT. Tribhakti Inspektama Semarangpun must be willing to come to work during Lebaran. Back to the website.

Muji Kopral

Muji who is doing the list of materials for this fumigation 2015

Muji (36), for example, the man who has worked for 10 years at PT. Tribhakti Inspektama this Semarang admitted that he had not participated 4 times Eid with family. He claimed to be working at the moment. “If widths, depending on job fumigasinya mas. Incidentally, I can come to work today (in Semarang),” said Muji, Wednesday (07/08/2015). Muji who served as Team Leader said, when holidays such as Eid there are 20 workers were absent from work. According to him, of the 20 who entered it just is divided into 1 shift (from morning till evening). “We are required to work day and night, it is a holiday apart because the factory, and the factory is also only provides 10 days for the fumigation total. If the plant is too old cap will suffer huge losses. This has been our commitment, that this kind of work is performed when the moment in the fumigation area was no (national holiday) “clearly Muji. However Muji and his colleagues did not complain, when the Lebaran holidays 4th time this he still had to go to work because of his work schedule to coincide with the holiday. “I just feel pekewuh course, had long been at a family get-together. It does not get around to the house of brothers, usually after prayers on Id straight here again perform fumigation,” said Muji.

Picture 0132 Picture 014 Picture 012

Cheking equipment from warehouses to office

Picture 003 Picture 004 Picture 006 Picture 010

Cheking SO2F2 with electrical equipment, and safety equipment. 

Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 009

Cheking equipment gasing, aeration and pipes.

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